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Stomach Cancer Examination (Shisei Dayori, May,2017.)
Last UpdateĀF2017/5/11

Target Patients

Those whose residential address is located within the city and who were born on or before March 31st, 1978.

Examination Fees
Chest Examination:
300 Yen for those who will be 40 to 64 years old on March 31st, 2018.
200 Yen for those who will be 65 years old or older on that day.
If an examination is required by your doctor as a result of smoking history, it will cost an additional 500 Yen.
Stomach Cancer Screening: 1,000 Yen

Required Materials for Receiving Examinations
Personal Identification such as National Health Insurance Certificate or any documents showing residential address, name, and birthday, and the examination fee.

Applications : Made on site on the day of the examination.

ĀúLet's receive cancer examinations once every fiscal year to detect cancers at an early stage (one time between April and the following March).
ĀúThose who are currently pregnant or possibly pregnant cannot receive a chest examination or stomach cancer examination. Those who are breastfeeding a baby and want to have a stomach cancer examination, please contact us before the day of examination.
ĀúPlease wear plain clothes and undergarments without buttons, metal attachments, printing, or embroidery on the day of examination.
ĀúThose who are scheduled to receive stomach cancer examinations are requested to refrain from eating or drinking at or after 10:00 pm on the previous day.
ĀúThe following people cannot receive stomach cancer examinations:
ĀEthose who have a medical history of hypersensitivity to barium (allergic)
ĀEthose who have developed blockage in the digestive tract in the past or have suspicions that they experienced blockage in the past
ĀEthose who are currently undergoing treatment for stomach or intestinal diseases
ĀEthose who are currently undergoing treatment for diabetes or other diseases, please consult your doctor

For more information, please contact the Higomaru Call Center (TEL: 096-334-1500)

Please confirm the date, time, and location before going.

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