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Take Receive Mixed Vaccination Against Measles and Rubella-(Shisei Dayori, May,2017)
Last Update:2017/5/11

The City has already informed families having target infants in the 2nd term for vaccination by postcard in April about the mixed vaccination. Since the information for vaccination will not be individually given to each target family in the 1st term for vaccination, the target families are requested to get their infants to receive the vaccination early after they turn one year old.
Target :                                                                                                                MR 1st term : infants aged one-year until just before two years
MR 2nd term : infants who were born during the period from April 2, 2011 to April 1, 2012
Vaccination period: MR 1st term-all through the year. MR 2nd term-until March 31, 2017
Place of Vaccination: medical institutions designated by City
Necessary Items to bring: Maternity (Mother and Children) Health Notebook
If the information on City-designated medical institutions is not clear, call Higomaru-Call at 334-1500
(Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Section, phone 364-3189)

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