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Free legal counseling in each section held.(Shisei Dayori,April,2017)
Last Update:2017/4/5

We will hold free legal counseling in each section.

Higashi-ku(Eastern Community Center): May 7th (Sunday), 17th (Wed)

Nishi-ku(Westen Community Center): May 7th (Sunday), 18th(Tue)

Minami-ku(Tomiai  Community Center): May 11th(tue),28th(Sun)

Kita-ku(Ueki Culture Center): May 18th(Tue),28th(Sun)                         

If you live in Chuo-ku please contact public hearing division.                                                       You can consult anywhere, no matter where you live.

Re-consultation with the same content can not be received.                                

Time: 1:30 to 4:30 pm

Subject: Residents registered in Kumamoto City 

 Capacity: 6 (in order of arrival) 

Application: From the 5th of April to the Kumamoto prefectural bar association legal consultation center (reservation exclusive phone 352-0020)

For  details to public hearing division. (328 - 2075)

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