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Do you Know Special System for Students to Extend Pension Premium Payment?(Shisei Dayori, Apr.)
Last Update:2017/4/5

Every person living in Japan needs to pay insurance premiums for National Pension Plan if he or she gets 20 yeras old. But there is a system that the students in this category will be able to extend their premium payment until their graduation. Target people : students 20 year-old or older who are attending a university(or post university), two-year college, high school or vocational school (including night, part-time or correspondence course school)                                         Application : Please take your pension handbook and student identification card or other document which verifies you are a student, to Citizens Section of the Ward Office or General Branch Office for application. If the application is made by proxy, real applicant's private seal is also necessary.                                                                                  * Even those who have got their application approved in the previous year will need to renew it.

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