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My Number Notification Card will be Discarded in March End(Shisei Dayori, March)
Last Update:2017/3/3

We have mailed “My Number Notification Card”during the period from November, 2015 through March, 2016, but those for 16,000 households have not been received and returned to us, keeping them at the City office now. Those people who have not received “My Number Notification Card” are kindly requested to come early to Kumamoto Municipal My Number Center(on the first floor of City's Central Ward Office) to get them. 

Items to bring when coming : Identity Verification Document (If it has no identity photo, another verification document is also additionally necessary.                                                                                                                        *If it is receved by proxy, another document is needed.                                              For more information, please contact“Social Security and Tax Number Promotion Office(phone: 096-328-2067)”.   

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