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Observe Three Rules for Garbage Disposal! (Shisei Dayori, March, 2017)
Last Update:2017/3/17

Take out @designated garbage Aon designated days Bto the designated place.                 Violation of garbage disposal rules causes trouble to other people.                             

@  Properly separate your garbage. 
Confirm how to separate the garbage by “Domestic and Recyclable Garbage Collection Calendar.”
Be careful about the different collection sites depending on the type of the garbage. 

A  Take out your garbage by 8:30 am on designated days.                               
Please be sure to take out on the morning of the collection day.  

B   Place your garbage at the designated place.                                       
Please take out your garbage to the site that is designated by each neighborhood association or by the administrator if you live in collective housing.  If you do not know where to carry your garbage, please ask your neighbors, neighborhood association or the administrator of your collective housing. 

C   Please cooperate for keeping the garbage collection site clean.
All the people in the neighborhood use the garbage station.  Observe the rules and have good manners.                                         

Special collection and individual collection of the disaster refuse are finished.                             For details, please call the Waste Management Planning Section (Haikibutsu Keikaku-ka).  096-328-2359

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