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You cannot bring the large amount of trash from your moving-out (Shisei dayori Mar.2017)
Last Update:2017/3/3
If you want to dispose of large amounts of garbage, you must bring it to a municipal refuse treatment facility, or ask waste disposal services to disposal of the trash for you.Please check the trader company in the city of the home page.


Treatment facility

Business day and time, cost

Burnable garbage

・Tobu kankyo kojo
(2570 Toshima-machi, Higashi-ku
・Seibu kankyo kojo
 (2-12-1Shiroyamayakushi, Nishi-ku


cost of disposing of trash :
150 yen per 10kg

Landfill waste ・Senda kankyo center
(1567 Mitsugu-machi, Kita-ku
※Please bring recyclable metal to a metal recovery company.
Paper waste, recyclable garbage, PET bottle

・Kumamoto city recycle jigyo center Inc.(8-8-35 Chikami, Minami-ku

・Yukabutsu kaishu kyogyo kumiai Ishizaka group
 (2874 Toshima-machi, Higashi-ku  096-389-5501)

Please direct the inquiries.

▽Where to apply for bulky refuse

  「Gomi zero call」п@096−353−7171
Business day and time : Mon.- Sat. 8:30-17:00

up to 1 times of application is 5 points. It may take a number of days to collect from the application.

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