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Season for the removal has come! Do not forget to take necessary steps for change of your address!
Last UpdateF2006/3/10
From March to April, the window of the citizen's office at the City Hall is
expected to be very crowded and you'll have to wait for your turn longer
than usual.
However, during the hours from 8:30am to 10:00am and from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, the window is less crowded and the procedure will be over in
short time.
And there are prcedures which could be completed at the Sogo-shisho
(General branch office) or the Shimin Center (the Civic Center). 
Please check those before you go.

Registration for change of your address

The City requires you to show your ID for self-confirmation when you register for new address. Please bring your ID such as driver's license
with you.

¦In case that a substitute takes the above procedure, the City requires
to bring the original person's seal, and a substitute's seal and his/her
own ID.

œMoving out of the City

You can take procedures in 2 weeks advance. After procedure is taken,
the City gives you a certificate of removal ("Tenshutsu shoumeisho")
for free. You need to submit the certificate when you visit the window
to register for a new address.
Those who leave the city for business or for schooling for a period of time may have to register for the change of address.

œMoving into the City

Your registration is to be accepted after you actually moved into the town
and started living at a new address.
Please complete the registration within 14 days after removal.
For registration, bring the certificate of removal issued at the old address.

œMoving within the City

Your registration is to be accepted after you actually started living in the
new town. Please complete the registration within 14 days after removal.

Ask for more details;
call at citizen's office (Tel:328-2240)

National pension fund system 

People in the first group who came from outside the city need to take
a procedure for national pension fund as well as change of address. 
At that time, you need to bring your pension book and your seal with
you (No seal necessary when you are registering on your own). 

You also need to notify Social Insurance Office when you change your
address and when the address code is changed due to land readjustment.
Postcards exclusively used for change of address are prepared at 
National pension system dept., General branch office, Civic welfare
dept., and the Civic Center.

œMoving out to the foreign countries

Those who live in the foreign countries are able to join National pension
system by voluntarily applying. People whose relatives live in Japan may
proceed the entry after registering for the removal. 
People whose relatives do not live in Japan may have to delegate the 
rights for entry to Japan National Pension Association. (Applications
ready at national pension dept.)

If you withdraw from the national pension system due to the removal,
you still need to take a procedure after registration for removal.

Ask for details;
call at national pension dept. (Tel:328-2280)
Hokubu, Kawachi, Akita and Tenmei general branch office
Kumamoto west social insurance office (Tel:355-3261)

National health insurance

You need to take a procedure for national health insurance as well.
If you moved in from outside the city, you need to bring your seal and
the paper which shows your annual income from last year.

When you move out of the city or move within the city, you have to bring
your social insurance book and your seal.
All the affiliates are moving out of the city

œMedical service for the senior citizens

(National health insurannce dept. Tel:328-2264)

Transfer school (High schools and Junior high schools)

œChange of the address within the City
œMoving out of the City
œMoving into the City

For more details;
Ask to Board of education (Tel:328-2716)

Water service

(Water service dept. tolls sect. Tel:361-5400, 
 West water service Center Tel:351-3154, 
 North water service Center Tel:322-1177)

Electoral roll

Electoral roll is prepared based on the 'Basic Resident Register'. 
If you do not register for the change of your address, you are regarded
as 'Non-resident' at the old address and 'Not-registered' at the new

(Election management committee office Tel:328-2771)

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