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Cancer Screening on Holidays iShisei Dayori Feb.j
Last UpdateF2017/2/1

If you have difficulty taking cancer screening on weekdays or if you have a cancer screening voucher (valid until February 28), please take this opportunity. 

‘ Cancer Screening on Sunday
Time and date
F February 19 (Sun.)  Time inF 8:30 am ` 11:00 am
F Kumamoto-ken Sogo Hoken Center i11-1, 4-chome, Higashi-machi, Higashi Wardj

Screening categories




Lung cancer

Chest X-ray

Those who will be 40 years old or over by the end of this fiscal year iSputum examination is conducted to those who are determined necessaryj

\300 i\200 if you are 65 years old or overj


Sputum examination




Stomach cancer

Those who will be 40 years old or over by the end of this fiscal year



Colon cancer

Those who will be 40 years old or over by the end of this fiscal year



Breast cancer

Women who are 40 years old or over and turn even-numbered years old by the end of this fiscal year

\1,500 i\1,100 if you are 50 years old or overj


Specified health checkups

Those who are insured under the National Health Insurance system and 40 years old or over

The amount written on the consultation ticket (\1,000 or \0)


Health checkup for people aged 75 or over

Those who are insured under the latter-stage elderly medical insurance system


¦ Application: Call Kumamoto-ken Sogo Hoken Center from February 1. i365-2323j
iAdvance reservations are required; 8:30 am ` 5:00 pm on weekdaysj
¦If you are a subscriber to medical insurance other than National Health Insurance (excluding some), please inquire about the medical examinations of your dependents when you make a reservation. 
Those who have the following qualifications are exempted from the copayment.  Eligible people should present specified certifications (the latest documents) to the receptionist at the screening sites. 
EWelfare recipients ¨ Hogo Shomeisho iCertificate of Welfare Recipients for 2015j
EFamilies exempted from municipal tax ¨ Shi-Kenminzei (ShotokuEKazei) Shomeisho‡@ (The latest municipal and prefectural tax (income and taxation) certificate‡@), which certifies that all the members of the household are exempted from paying the tax.  ¦ Issuing certificates is charged. 

‘ Breast Cancer Screening on Sundays and Public Holidays

Date Medical Institution Address Phone
Feb. 5th(Sun) Hiki Hospital 1-34,Onoue3-chome,Higashi-ku 381-5151
Feb. 12(Sun)
Feb.5th(Sun) Fukua Hospital 2-6,Shin-Machi2-chome,Chuo-ku 322-2995
Feb.11(Sat) Miwa Clinic 8-22,Obiyama5-chome,Chuo-ku 381-6666

Screening time: In the morning (corresponding to the consultation hours of each medical institution)                                                                                             EFeeF1,500yen
*Those who have a breast cancer screening voucher iThe voucher was already mailed to target persons at the end of June last year.j
Application: Call the institution you are going to visit and apply.                              
¦ Advance reservations are required. 
¦Please be aware that each medical institution has its quota. 
For details, call Kenko Tsukuri Suishin-ka (Health Promotion Section).  

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