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Tenants for the municipal dwelling house are wanted.(Shisei Diary, March)
Last Update:2006/3/17

Name: Ezushigetomi-danchi


・For the aged/ the handicapped (the first floor)

(1DK…8,  2DK…7, 3DK…9)

 ・For general households

(1DK…24, 2DK…21, 3DK…33)

Brochures will be distributed from Feb. 28 to March 7 (weekday, 9 a.m.〜5 p.m.) at 9th floor of City Hall, Housing association, General bureau and Citizen centre.

Applications will be accepted from March 2 to March 9 (Monday through Sunday, 9a.m.〜5p.m.).

When you apply, please bring your seal and some certificates for your income.

For further information, call Housing association (TEL: 096-328-2466).


TEL 328-2466
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