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Electronic application service is going to be expanded!(Shisei Diary, March)
Last Update:2006/3/8

Electronic application system "Yorozu-Shinsei-Honpo" is going to expand its services. You can also take some of the procedures through your mobile phones.

*Services available right now*

Application of …

・copy of resident card

・certificates of tax payment/ income/ property ...etc.

*New Service*

Application of …

・child allowance

・qualification of national health insurance

・geriatric medicine

・purification system

*Procedures available through mobile phones*

・notice of starting water service

・registration of a dog

・certificates of prefectural schools

For further information (when the service starts, information about services available...etc.), please check the website.

URL: https://www.shiseihonpo.kumamoto-idc.pref.kumamoto.jp

(for mobile phone)URL: http://mobile.shiseihonpo.kumamoto-idc.pref.kumamoto.jp

For inquiries, please call 096-334-1592.

(Monday through Friday, 9a.m.〜6:30p.m.)

*From April 1st, the office hour is 9a.m.〜10p.m.,

holidays and the year-end holidays(Dec.29〜Jan.3)excluded.

FAX: 096-370-5455

E-mail: info1592@shiseihonpo.kumamoto-idc.pref.kumamoto.jp





TEL 328-2057
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