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Childbirth support system based on Children's Welfare Law(Shisei Diary, February)
Last UpdateF2006/1/26


To people who worry about the cost for childbirth


  Childbirth support system is a system that people who have difficult to be hospitalized when in childbirth by an economical reason can receive a hospitalization support for childbirth by cheap cost based on Childrenfs Welfare Law.


Who: Those receiving public assistance, or whose all family members united to one living do not owe citizen taxes.   

Cost:         Family receiving public assistance  ¨  Free

Family which does not owe citizen taxes 

¨  The Amount of 20% of birth lump sum and 2,200 yen

                                            (example: 62,200 yen when birth lump sum is 300,000 yen)

                                            –Actual expenses of the diaper etc. must be payed by themselves.


Facilities where childbirth support system is available

Though only Kumamoto Municipal Maternity Hospital is available, it newly became available also in the Kumamoto Citizens Hospital in this January.



Kumamoto Municipal Maternity Hospital

 3-5-11 Motoyama  (Tel 325-3259)

Kumamoto Citizens Hospital

 1-1-60 Koto  (Tel 365-1711)


 In addition, it becomes available also in the following 4 medical institution in this April.



Kumamoto Red Cross Hospital

 2-1-1 Nagamineminami  (Tel 384-2111)

Jikei Hospital

 6-1-27 Shimasaki  (Tel 355-6131)

Fukuda Hospital

 2-2-6 Shinmachi  (Tel 322-2995)

Morikawa Hospital

 6-31-1 Suizenji  (Tel 381-4115)


Application: Please bring your Boshi-Kenko-Techo (Mother and Child Health Handbook), the health insurance card, and the stamp and submit the application form to enter the childbirth facility to Kosodate-shien-ka (Child Care Support Section). Please acknowledge being asked economical conditions at home when you accept.


For more information Child Care Support Section
TEL 328-2421
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