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Tenants for selected rental houses are wanted. (Shisei Diary, February)
Last Update:2006/1/31

Kumamoto city borrows private excellent rental houses and share the rent for the certain period of time to lighten the financial burden of the tenants.


・Heisei woody villa (at Heisei 1-choume)

・Townhouse Goryo (at Goryo 3-choume)

・Bells Kitaguchi (at Izumi 6-choume)

・Sioya ichibankan (at Sinmachi 2-choume)

@<Rent>・・・approximately \65,000〜90,000 (Depends on houses)

A<Cost of subsidy>・・・maximum \20,000 (Denpends on tenants' income)

<Actual rent for the tenant>・・・@−A*

*Management fee and parking fee are not included.

For further information, go to Housing Association

(9th floor of City Hall, TEL: 328-2466)

*You can apply anytime in the week from 9a.m. to 5p.m.

TEL 328-2461
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