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About Disposal of Durable Goods on Moving Out.(Shisei Diary,February)
Last UpdateF2006/1/26

About the Disposal of Durable Goods on Moving Out.


The end of this fiscal year is drawing closer, when many people will move in and out.  At this time of the year, citizens should be aware that the city collects only daily household rubbish and garbage.  When it comes to move-related wastes, whose amount is apt to be large, you must not carry them into the garbage dumps. 


In order to do away with them, youfll have to take them to the disposal facility yourself, or ask a private waste-collection company which has the city governmentfs license.  In either way, the cost should be yours.


In addition, itfs up to three items that you can dispose at one time.  As soon as you have decided to move, please deliberate on how to classify your things into portions to dispose them properly. 


(Waste Disposal Instruction Section: Tel. 328-2362)

TEL 328-2362
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