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The Letter of Educational Notification Will Be Sent.(Shisei Ddiary, February)
Last UpdateF2006/1/26

The city government will send guardians the notifications on childrenfs education.



The letter of notification for the start of childfs education will be sent to the guardians of a would-be first grader of an elementary school, and the letter of entrance notification to the guardians of a would-be first grader of a junior high school.


Children who were born between April 2, 1999 and April 1, 2000 are to enter elementary schools this spring, as well as other people who were born before then but havenft yet entered schools.  Notifications will be sent by post.  If it doesnft arrive, and if therefs anything wrong in the contents of them, please inform the education section of that.


In the case you changed the address and havenft registered the new address yet, the letter may not be delivered properly.  So please take the necessary steps for changing addresses soon after your move. 

(the education section: ‡„ 328-2716)


Children are not permitted to enter the school outside their residential area.


As long as the compulsory education is concerned, a school of a child is absolutely fixed to his address' school area. 

Even if anyone should submit the residence certificate of the area where he/she doesn't actually live  in every day life, it wouldn't make the child's entrance possible.  Except the case that the Board of Education of the city government permits, ineligible entrance to school outside his living area is to be cancelled immediately and the student will be transferred to the appropriate elementary/junior-high school in his school area.     

                                                                         (the education section: Tel 328-2716)



TEL 328-2716
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