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Don't forget to file your final residents' and income tax return by March 15th!
Last Update:2006/1/30

Please file your final residents' and income tax return by March 15th.

You can also file by mail. Complete the form and gather necessary documents (Certificates, etc.). To file the residents' tax, send them to the Citizen Section (No.24th information desks, 2nd floor of City Hall). To file income tax, send them to your nearest tax office.

 <To file your residents' tax return>

We will accept this year's your residents' tax return (for the income of last year) at the following places and schedule written below.

We already sent the form in the middle of January. If you need to file and haven't recieved the form yet, please have one at the places below, Citizen tax section, general bureau and Citizen centre.

If you forget to file, we can't calculate the residents' tax, National health insuarance fee and Nursing care insuarance fee correctly. And also you can't get income・tax Certificate which are necessary when you live in public houses, when you get a child rearing allowance and when you get a loan, etc.

 For further information (people who need to file, necessary documents when you file, etc.), check Shisei Diary January page 4〜5 and City homepage (「Living・Environment」→「Tax」).

*Places to file & Schedule

Place District Date Time
Nanbu Citizen centre Kawashiri・Jonan・Hiyoshi-higashi 2/16



Hiyoshi・Rikigo 2/17
Yoshino Community centre Yoshino・Kawachi 2/17
Mikan-no-sato-sinko-centre 2/21
Hokubu Community centre annex hall (in front of Hokubu junior high school entrance)

(in the morning)Kanokogi-machi・Kusuno-machi

(in the afternoon) Araki-machi・Otorii-machi・Koitoyama-machi・Meitoku-machi


(in the morning) Nishikajio-machi・Yomogi-machi

(in the afternoon) Kajio-machi


(in the morning) Tsuruhada-machi・Hida1〜4chome・Hakenomiya 4chome

(in the afternoon) Kamao-machi・Tokuo-machi・Mitsugu-machi


(in the morning) Izumi-machi・Kitazako-machi・Tarozako-machi・Manrakuji-machi・Ryufukuji-machi

(in the afternoon) Shimosuzurikawa-machi・Suzurikawa-machi

Akitsu Citizen centre Sakuragi・Sakuragi-higashi・Wakaba 2/20
Akitsu 2/21
Akita general bureau Akita-nishi・Akita-minami 2/27
Akita-higashi 2/28
Sangyo-bunka-kaikan (6th floor) Keitoku・Mukoyama・Kosen・Suzukakedai・Takumabaru 3/1・2



Oe・Kasuga・Kurokami・Josei・Nishibaru・Harutake 3/3・6・7
Ikeda・Issin・Sirakawa・Siratsubo・Hanazono・Furu-machi 3/8・9・10
Gofuku・Joto・Hakuzan・Honjo 3/13・14・15


About the district not listed above, check Shisei Diary January page4.

We can't accept the return of people who don't calculate the income at final return and who receive a deduction for housing loan. For those people, we advised to consult at the tax office.


TEL 328-2181
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