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Medical Examination for Stomach Cancer (Shisei Diary, January)
Last UpdateF2006/1/20

To detect stomach cancer during its earliest stage, have a medical examination once a year. (The examination service described below is limited to once a year. )


School District^Date^Location


Jan. 6 (Fri)                 Nagamizo Danchi Municipal Housing Complex – in front of Public Hall

Jan. 7 (Sat)                Yushinkan High School – parking lot



Jan. 10 (Tue)              Izumi Elementary School



Jan. 11 (Wed)            Oe Public Hall – open space in front 

Jan. 12 (Thu)              Shirakawa Junior High School – in front of gym



Jan. 13 (Fri)              Shirakawa Elementary School – in front of gym



Jan. 17 (Tue)              Hakuzan Elementary School – back gate side



Jan. 18 (Wed)            Kyushu Agricultural Administration Bureau (formly known as the Local Food Agency Office) - parking lot 

Jan. 19 (Thu)              Harutake Elementary School – in front of gym



Jan. 20 (Fri)               Kozan Elementary School - athletic grounds

Jan. 23 (Mon)             Kumamoto Municipal Maternity Hospital – parking lot



Jan. 24 (Tue)               Kumamoto City Medical Association Center - parking lot


Reception hours: 8:30 - 10.30 a.m

Who: Those born before March 31, 1966.

Cost:  1,000 yen

¦ Free for families receiving public assistance (must present the Hogo shomei identification certificate), or families who do not owe citizen taxes (must present municipal and prefectural income and taxation certificates for all family members.)  Please note that there is a fee charged for acquiring such certificates.


Notes:  Identification card, such as your Hoken-sho (health insurance card), that shows your name, address and age

¦ Please do not eat or drink anything (including water or tea) after 10:00p.m. of the day prior to examination.

¦ If you are pregnant or think that you could be pregnant, please refrain from having this examination.
TEL 328-2311
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