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Large-size, bulky wastes are not collected at ordinary garbage locations (Shisei Diary,January)
Last UpdateF2006/1/19
Bulky wastes cannot be collected at ordinary garbage stations 

If you wish to dispose of bed quilts, dressers or other items larger than what can fit into a 45-liter garbage bag, you must contact the Large Waste Information Center (353-7171) so that collection date and place can be arranged and disposal fees assessed.  It will take 1-2 weeks after application for collection, so be sure to apply early. 

Please note that the city government does not collect all types of bulky garbage.  Owners of motorbikes and such specific  household appliances as air-conditioners, television sets, refrigerators (including freezers) and washing machines should inquire about disposal procedures at stores where such items can be purchased.   

For more detailed information, contact the Large Waste Information Center (353-7171)


(Waste Management Section: Tel 328-2362)



TEL 353-7171
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