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New Year Countdown at Kumamoto Castle (Shisei Diary, January)
Last UpdateF2006/1/19
New Year Countdown at Kumamoto Castle

           2005¨2006 COUNTDOWN



Share the coming of 2006 by joining in the New Year's Countdown celebration at the Kumamoto Castle! (FREE)



               OPEN  12/31/2005 @5:00PM @

        CLOSE  1/1/2006       5:00PM


Location: In front of TENSHUKAKU

You can only enter this area via the HOATE- GOMON Gate    from 5PM on December 31st to 8AM on January 1st.


12/31 /2005@COUNT DOWN Ceremony

18F00 Cartoon movie  "Kiyomasako-san Mizu Monogatari"  (Story of water related to Kiyomasa Kato)@@@

22F00 Countdown performance: Ysakoi sorann dance, taiko drum performance, shamisen performance                            

23F45 Countdown

2006@1/1 New Year's celebration: Banzai call to the first sunrise of the New Year, shishimai performance                

6F00 Cleaning up Tenshukaku 

7F00 Get the free souvenir for New Year celebration

Only available for 2006 people  (First come, first serve basis) in front of UTOYAGURA@              

7F20 Taiko performance


OISINBO- MURA(Yummy -village) Open !@     iin front of SUKIYAMARUj

 Menu: Soba , Yakitori,  Dagojiru (dumpling soup),Oden etc.


Donation corner for renovation of Kumamoto Castle      (in front of the Tensyukaku)

 Thank you for your donations! If you donate 10,000yen or more, you can get the special memorial certificate to be displayed in the Kumamoto Castle! 


–To prevent and avoid traffic jams, please use public transportation

–For more information, call the main office in the Kumamoto Castle (TEL: 359-6475) or (359-5900 from Dec. 29-Jan 1)





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