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Stomach cancer medical examination in October(Shisei Diary, October)
Last UpdateF2005/10/17

Let's have a medical examination once a year for the early stage detect. (You can have an examination only once in the same year. )


School district^Date^Place


3rd(Mon)  Takahashi elementary school front gate



3rd(Mon)  Kumamoto municipal maternity hospital parking lot

4th(Tue)    Kozan elementary school ground



4th(Tue)    Jozan regional community center

6th(Thu)    Kamidai Danchi (municipal housing) meeting place



5th(Wed)     Kyushu Agricultural Administration Bureau parking lot

                    (former Kumamoto Local Food Agency Office)

11th(Tue)     In front of Harutake elementary school gym

12th(Wed)       V



12th(Wed)   Matsuo Gyokyo (Fishery cooperative)



13th(Thu)     Yutaka Gakuen school ground



13th(Thu)      Kumamoto city medical association center parking lot



14th(Fri)       Oshima community center



18th(Tue)      In front of the Kusunoki elementary school gym



19th(Wed)     In front of the Yuge elementary school gym



20th(Thu)       Ezu Danchi (prefectural housing) the second meeting place

21st(Fri)         RKK Ludens Tennis Club parking lot

24th(Mon)      In front of Ezu elementary school gym



24th(Mon)      Musashi elementary school ground

26th(Wed)      Musashi junior high school front gate side



25th(Tue)        Tamukae elementary school front gate

26th(Wed)      Takuma junior high school front gate

27th(Thu)        Tamukae 2 chome park (in front of the Tamukae shrine)



28th(Fri)          In front of the Tamukaeminami elementary school gym


Reception hours: 8:30 - 10.30 a.m

Who: born before March 31, 1966.

Cost:  1,000 yen

However, the family receiving public assistance is free if they present gthe protection certificateh, or the family their citizens tax is tax-free is free if they present gmunicipal and prefectural tax(income and taxation) certificateh (for all members.) Besides, the acquisition of municipal and prefectural tax(income and taxation) certificate is charged.


Necessity:  The one to understand address, name, and age such as Hoken-sho(health insurance card).

Please do not eat and drink at all after 10:00PM of the day before examination (Please drink neither water nor tea).

If you are pregnant or have the possibility of the pregnancy, please refrain from the examination.


For more information Korei-Hoken-Fukushi-Ka
TEL 328-2311
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