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"Kumamoto Shintoshin Plaza" will open October 1 (Sat) in front of Kumamoto Station [Shise Dayori Sep
Last UpdateF2011/8/31

"Kumamoto Shintoshin Plaza" @will open October 1 (Sat.) in front of Kumamoto Station


Kumamoto Shintoshin Plaza will be "the hub of information and cultural exchange", where people can exchange information, culture and enrich people's lives and vitality.


Kumamoto Shintoshin Plaza Hall(5F/6F),Business Support Center(4F),Plaza Library(3F/4F)ASight Seeing and Regional Information Centre(2F)"Service Desk"where a copy of your residence certificate is available on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays(2F)

Access the website below for further details.



Closure days

The third Wednesdays of every month and Year End and New Year holidays.

*Sightseeing and Regional Information Center and Business Support Center are open even  the above closure days.  


Kasuga 1-14-1  Kumamoto City


Kumamoto Shintoshin Plaza @OXU|RTT|VSOO(from October 1)

TEL 096-355-7400
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