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the age of being vaccinated against BCG is changed to under 6 months old from next April.
Last UpdateF2004/12/1

The Tuberculosis Prevention Law was revised, so the age and way of taking vaccination against BCG is changed to the following from next April. Over 6 months year old babies are charged for having vaccination from next April, so be sure to do it by 5 months old at Health and Welfare Center. If the children who are between the age of 6 months and 4 years in next April and havenft taken vaccination have vaccination at Health and Welfare Center by next March, it will be free of charge.


* Now: Vaccinate against BCG for those who have the results of TB test are negative. From next April: Vaccinate against BCG without TB test.


For inquiries

Kumamoto City Health Center (Kumamoto-shi Hoken-jo): 096-364-3185

Central Public Health and Welfare Center (Chuo Hoken Fukushi Center): 096-364-3113

Higashi Hoken Fukushi Center: 096-365-3000

Nishi Hoken Fukushi Center: 096-354-1201

Minami Hoken Fukushi Center: 096-355-4111

Kita Hoken Fukushi Center: 096-345-2175

For more information Kumamoto-shi Hoken-jo Kansen-shou-taisaku-ka 096-364-3185
TEL 096-364-3185
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