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Garbage Reduction
Last UpdateF2006/4/30

Please try to reduce garbage

It has gotten warm.  And for some months to come, garbage will easily emit the smell around.  Here are some effective measures to recommend.

*Using the composting vessel or the electric composter may be the most effective.  Kumamoto city is ready to pay subsidies for purchasing those devices if you apply to the Waste Collection Guidance Section.(Tel:328-2362)

*Kitchen garbage should be well dehydrated before being thrown away in order to lose its weight, refrain from getting watery and rotten, and keep dumps clean.

*Buying too much food produces additional garbage.  Please be aware of just the right amount when you buy food.

                the Waste Collection Guidance Section (Haikibutsu shido ka): Tel.328-2362

TEL 328-2362
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