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New Service Offices Have Opened.(Shisei Diary, May)
Last UpdateF2006/4/28

On the 1st floor of Sanbun Kaikan Bldg (in front of Hanshin Department Store), two new offices opened as blow.

*"Shimin Katsudo Shi-en Center" (Citizen's activity Support Center), known as its former name of Volunteer Activity Promoting Corner, is to widely support the citizen's activities for the public interests including volunteer activities.

*"Shimin Service Corner" is to issue documents like habitation certificates (jumin-hyo)and inkan certificates(inkan shomei) without reservation even on holidays.

Above two offices are on duty until 7:30 p.m. even on Saturday, Sunday and on national holidays as well as on weekdays.


        (Shimin Katsudo Shi-en Center/Citizen's Activity Support Center: Tel.328-2868)

        (Shimin Service Corner/Civil Service Corner: Tel.322-7722)


TEL 328-2868A322-7722
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