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Don't forget to pay the light vehicle tax! (Shisei Diary, May)
Last UpdateF2006/5/2

If you own a light vehicle (motor cycle, etc.), you are required to pay a light vehicle tax by April 1st of each year. Please confirm this year's tax notice that will be sent at the beginning of May.

* Tax reduction for handicapped people

If that the following apply to you, please follow the procedures by May 24th  so that you can have the tax reduction.

E the one who owns or uses a light vehicle and has either physical disability certificate, war wounded certificate, intellectual disability certificate or mental impairment health welfare certificate and meets certain conditions (for details, please inquire at tax section in advance.). * This applies for one standard car per person.

EThe one who has a light vehicle converted for physical handicapped people.

* If there are some changes such as discussing / transfer / buying a new car, or changing in adress, please follow the procedures at the following places listed below. Otherwise, you will continue to be taxed next year. 

* The vehicle tax notice (for standard car) will be sent from Kumamoto prefectural vehicle tax office at the beginning of May. For the inquiry, call the above office (096-368-4020).

* Please pay the (light) vehicle tax by May 31st at the nearest financial institution mentioned in the tax notice.

* The amount of light vehicle tax and the places for procedures*

type of vehicle amount of tax (yen) places for procedures
motor- cycle total displacement: under 50 cc 1,000 tax section, general bureau, citizen centre
under 90 cc 1,200
under 125 cc 1,600
three-wheeled or more, 50 cc 2,500
specialized compact car agricultural 1,600
non-agricultural 4,700
light vehicle

two-wheeled, between 125 and 250 cc,

towed vehicle


Kumamoto prefectural light vehicle association

(4-14-6, Higashi-machi, Kumamoto city, 862-0901, TEL: 096-369-6829)

three-wheeled 3,100
four-wheeled for business 5,500
private 7,200
four-wheeled truck for business 3,000
private 4,000
compact car two-wheeled, over 250 cc 4,000

Kumamoto transportation bureau

(4-14-35, Higashi-machi, Kumamoto city, 862-0901, TEL: 050-5540-2086)

TEL 328-2173
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