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Schedule for Tuberculosis (TB) Tests (Shisei Diary, April)
Last UpdateF2006/4/9


Chuo Hoken Fukushi Center                  Tel 364-3113       April 5, May 10

Higashi Hoken Fukushi Center              Tel 365-3000       April 12, May 10

Nishi Hoken Fukushi Center                  Tel 354-1201       April 12, May 10

Minami Hoken Fukushi Center              Tel 355-4111       April 26, May 24

Kita Hoken Fukushi Center                    Tel 345-2175       April 26, May 24


Reception Hours: 1:30 - 3.30 p.m.


Who: Children under the age of 6 months

–We recommend children between 3-6 months be vaccinated. 


Bring your Boshi-Kenko-Techo (Mother and Child Health Handbook) and Yoshin-Hyo (Questionnaire for Health Check-up)


–If your child has recently had a viral infection, please have them take the test four weeks after the infection is gone.

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