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Garbage/Reusables Collection Calendar
Last UpdateF2006/3/31

Garbage/‚qeusable things Collection Calendar


At the beginning of every fiscal year, Kumamoto city distributes the garbage/ reusable things collection calendar, which illustrates in detail how to separate, bundle and dispose things.  If you havenft obtained one yet, you can get it at the places below:

ECity hall  1F   Counter 1

             ECity hall@7F@ Waste Collection Guidance Section (Haiki-butsu Shido ka)@

E    Any Sogo-shisho(Branch office of city government) or Shimin-Center(Civil Center)

E    You can also download the data from the website of Kumamoto City.[(Top„Life/Environment  „Environment/Garbage/Recycle„Garbage/Recycle (Garbage/reusables Collection Calendar)


The collection day is different from area to area, so please make sure the calendar youfll get is specific to your residential area.

TEL 328-2362
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