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Remember to Submit Present Situation Report for Childcare Allowance and Medical Expenses Aid
Last UpdateF2018/8/6

Those people who have been receiving Childcare Allowance or Medical Expenses Aid for single-parent family and the like (including those who have their benefits suspended) need to submit the present situation report in the period from August 1 through August 31.(The mailing is not acceptable.)

@In addition, for those who have received childcare allowance for five(5) years or more and those who are intended for the suspension of the part of their allowance from the follow-up situation and so on,  another necessary documents to avoid the suspension of the part of the allowance are included in the mail. Please also remember to submit it.

The above necessary documents are going to be mailed to recipients around July 31. If you forget to submit the documents, you will not be able to receive the allowance. Please be careful!


Temporary Reception for Documents to be opened

Date : August 18 (Sat)

Place : Public Health and Child Welfare Section of Central Wars(on the 3rd floor of the City Building) 

For more information, please contact Public Health and Child Welfare Section of each ward office.


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