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It is Possible to Pay Past Five(5) Years National Pension Premiums by System(Shisei Dayori, Aug)
Last UpdateF2018/8/6

 If it passes two(2) years without having paid National Pension Insurance Premiums 


You can not pay the insurance premiums for the unpaid periods. But as far as only three(3) years are concerned from October, 2015 through September, 2018, you will be able to pay the premiums for the past five(5) years by using the later payment system. By using this system, there is possibility that your pension amount may increase or that the people who could not get the pension because of the shortage of premium payment periods may be able to get the qualification for the pension.  


For your pension records, please make sure at Pension Netihttp://www.nenkin.go.jpj.
The prior application is necessary for the later payment system. But there is possibility that the later payment system can't be used, as the result of checking the application.
For more information, please call Pension Subscribers Dialingi0570-003-004jJapanese is only available.
or Call West Japan Pension Officei355-3261j.Japanese is only available.

iNational Health Insurance & National Pension Section@328-2280j

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