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No.58 Beware of consuming too many sweets and snacks!
Last Update:2016/5/27

Kumamoto International Foundation

May 12, 2016 

No.58 (Life)  


Beware of consuming too many sweets and snacks!


Eating is a good way to release stress although some foods can make you more irritated or anxious, and eating them in excess can cause you to suffer even more. This does not mean that you have to cut out these foods entirely—denying all your favorite foods can itself cause stress. Just be careful not to overdo it.


*Snacks and fast-food

These foods are high in fat and are very filling. They can create a nutritional imbalance and make you feel irritated. In addition, an excess of salt can cause increased blood pressure, kidney disease, cardiac disorders, irregular pulse and other ailments.


*Sweets, cakes, and sugary beverages

An excess of sugar can cause a rapid increase and subsequent drop in blood sugar levels. It often causes hypoglycemia and symptoms associated with a lack of vitamin b1. It may also heighten your craving for sweets in order to stabilize blood sugar levels and cause the secretion of excitatory hormones which make you feel irritated, angry, anxious, and stressed.



This induces a stimulant that heightens irritation levels if you ingest too much under stress. It is better to limit your intake to 2-3 cups of coffee a day, or under 300mg per day at most.



Drinking alcohol can make you feel relaxed and reduce stress although it can also increase stress, harming your physical and mental health and leading to problems in interpersonal relations. Using alcohol to fall asleep lowers sleep quality. Contact a medical doctor if you are finding it difficult to sleep after the earthquakes.



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