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No.28 Financial Assistance for Temporary Housing (Private Rental Apartment Rooms)
Last UpdateF2016/5/7

Kumamoto International Foundation

April 29th, 2016

No. 28 (Procedures)




Financial Assistance for Temporary Housing (Private Rental Apartment Rooms)



If your house entirely (or a significant portion of it) has been destroyed, and if you do not have the financial resources to secure a new living space, the city is offering financial assistance to those looking for temporary housing (private rental apartment rooms).

Please refer to the guidelines the city has established in its financial aid system before applying for your preferred room (e.g., the city will not cover the price of rooms over a certain size).



Requirements for those who wish to apply for financial assistance (you must fulfill each of the following):

(1) You had a registered address in Kumamoto City as of April 14th, 2016.

(2) Your house is entirely (or a significant part of it is) destroyed, and you have nowhere else to stay.

(3) You do not have the financial resources to secure a new living space on your own.

(4) You have not sent in an application to the city for emergency repairs to your household.



Information about Expenses

@(1) What you will be responsible for paying:

      `.@Gas, electricity, water, administrative, common service, resident, and parking fees

@@  aDIf damages are greater than the deposit, you will be responsible for covering the difference.

@(2) What the city will cover:

@@@`D            Rent

@@@aD            Key moneyilimited to 1 monthfs worth of rentj

@@@bD            Brokerfs commission feeilimited to 0.54 monthfs worth of rentj

@@@cD            Security depositilimited to 2 monthfs worth of rentj

@@@dD            Insurance coverage for fires, damage, etc.ilimited to 10,000 yen per year



Lodging Period: up to 2 years



Essential Documents


@EResident card (for each member of the household)

  EhDisaster Victim Certificate,h either original or a copy (If your certificate has not yet arrived, the city            will make the appropriate correspondence).



Place to Submit Application by Date:

    Before May 8th: Bring to the temporary reception desk of your wardfs government offices (the Eastern                                             

                 reception area can be found at its East Branch Office)

    After May 9th:  Bring to Kumamoto City Office, 14th floor at the Great Hall

    After May 16th: Bring to Kumamoto City Office, 9th floor at the Construction and Architecture Policy                                        


    Please bring all necessary documents with you.



Contact the Kumamoto City Officefs Construction and Architecture Policy Section (TEL 096-328-2438)

 if you would like to ask for any further information.


Financial Assistance for Temporary Housing (PrivatiPDFF125KBj@
TEL 096-359-2121
FAX 096-359-5783
Mail pj-info@kumamoto-if.or.jp
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