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No.43 Beware of heatstroke!
Last UpdateF2016/5/4

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@@@@@@@@@@May 2, 2016 

No.43 (Life)



Beware of heatstroke!



What is Heatstroke?


Symptoms include dizziness, headaches, nausea, tiredness, and feeling lightheaded or unwell. 

In serious cases the body's functions may stop, potentially resulting in death.



Preventing Heatstroke


1.      Drink plenty of water

- Even if you aren't feeling thirsty, drink water and replenish salts frequently


2.      Avoid the heat

- Dress appropriately, and use handheld fans to lower body temperature

- On sunny days, try to limit the amount of time spent outdoors


3.      Take special care when inside the car, where temperatures tend to rise easily

- Avoid spending long periods in the car during the day



Feeling the effects of heatstroke? ...


- Move to a cooler place - into the shade, a well-ventilated space, or an air-conditioned room

- Cool the body (around the neck, armpits, hips, etc.)



........ Someone around you suffering heatstroke?



If the person is unconscious, convulsing or unable to drink water by themselves call an ambulance immediately!



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