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No.39 Emergency Repairs to Disaster-affected Homes
Last UpdateF2016/5/4

Kumamoto International Foundation 
May 2, 2016 

No.039 (Procedures) 

Emergency Repairs to Disaster-affected Homes 


To ensure a minimum standard for daily life, Kumamoto City will provide a certain degree of emergency repairs (living space, kitchen, toilet, etc.) for households without money to repair homes partially destroyed or significantly damaged by the earthquake. 


For those who fulfill all of the following conditions:

E  Most of the home has been destroyed or badly damaged by the disaster 
¦ Also applies to homes which have been completely destroyed but can be made inhabitable through emergency repair. 

E  Not using temporary emergency residence (including private rental properties). 

E  Does not have enough money to repair the house (limited income) 

Details of Assistance:

Up to 576,000 yen per household. If multiple households live in the same residence, only one

will receive the assistance. 


Required Documents:
- Emergency Repair Application Form 
- Residency Certificates for all members of the household 
- Proof of earnings for all members of the household 
- Disaster Victim Certificate (copies accepted) 

Application Period:

From April 28 (Thu), 2016 


Application Submission:
Temporary counters will be set up at the Chuo, Nishi, Minami and Kita ward offices, as well as the

Toubu office. 

  Kumamoto City   Maintenance Division 096-328-2573 
V         Facilities Division 096-328-2450


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