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No.24 How to Protect Oneself from Infectious Diseases
Last UpdateF2016/4/30

Kumamoto International Foundation

April 27th, 2016

No.24 (Life)


How to Protect Oneself from Infectious Diseases

while at Evacuation Centers


 The health situation is worsening in the disaster zone due to the ease at which germs are spreading. Please be careful about washing and disinfecting your hands in order to avoid getting and spreading infectious diseases.


- Protecting Oneself from the Common Cold and Influenza

 - Those coughing or sneezing should wear a mask. Even those without such symptoms are suggested to do the same as a common courtesy.

 - Make sure to wash and disinfect your hands after being out in public and before eating meals.

 - Make sure to scrub your hands thoroughly with soap when washing them with running water, and to gargle water in your mouth as well.


- Protecting Oneself from Norovirus

 - Before prepping or eating meals, and after using the bathroom, make sure to wash your hands carefully.

 - When disposing of bodily waste such as vomit or products such as diapers, wear gloves instead of using bare hands.

 - If clothing has come in contact with bodily waste such as vomit, use a chlorine-based disinfectant diluted by water when cleaning such items.

 - Please use toilets with respect to keeping the bathroom clean.


- Protecting Oneself from Tetanus Disease

 - If you have been wounded, carefully clean the surface area before applying a disinfectant.


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