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No.79 Earthquake disaster waste collection
Last UpdateF2016/7/21

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@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@No. 079iLifej

Earthquake disaster waste collection


About the special earthquake disaster waste collection service

Earthquake Disaster Waste Collection Station ends service Thursday, June 30th.

*Gomi-Zero Call will also stop collecting over-sized garbage on Thursday, June 30t.

Regular collection service according to garbage/resource collection calendar resumes Friday, July 1st so please continue to followggarbage separation rulesh as usual.


*Those who were unable to dispose of earthquake disaster waste or cement block and tiles at the station as a result of having to evacuate will be accommodated separately as of Friday, July 1st. For inquiries, please call the number below:


Waste Planning SectionF096-328-2359


Direct drop-off of disaster waste starting Friday, July 1st

We will waive the service charges for all direct drop-off orders of earthquake disaster waste as of Friday, July 1st. Please see the chart below for facility details.

Drop-off locations differ depending on the type of waste.

Waste type





Burnable waste

iE.g.FWooden furniture, plastics, woodchipsj

Higashi-bu Environment Factory

2570 Banchi, Tojima-machi, Higashi-ku


iFrom July 1stj



Seibu-Environment Factory

12-1-1 2-chome@Shrioyama Yakushi, Nishi-ku


Non-burnable waste

iE.g.FCement blocksAtilesAglassAceramicsj

Senda Environment Center

1567 Banchi, Mitsugumachi, Kita-ku




*We do not accept TVs, fridges, computers, recyclables or other non-disposable items.

Necessary items to qualify for service charge exemption

EFor applications in person à Personal seal of disaster victim

EFor application done by third-party à Seal (third partyfs) and power of attorney

* As of July 1st 2016, disaster victim certificate and photographs of damages will be required.




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