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No.71 About deferment of medical/nursing insurance payments
Last UpdateF2016/6/7

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About deferment of medical/nursing insurance payments


Disaster victims can claim one of the following matters (1) to (5) at any medical institute or nursing care facility in order to have their payment for any corresponding fees be deferred and not requested at time of medical examination.


(1)       Residence has been half- or completely- destroyed or burned down

(2)       Financial supporter of household is deceased or severely wounded

(3)       Whereabouts of the financial supporter of household are unknown

(4)       Employment duties of financial supporter of household have been abolished or suspended

(5)       Financial supporter of household is unemployed and has no source of income


Those persons with Kumamoto City National Health Insurance, Latter-stage Elderly healthcare, are members of the Japan Health Insurance Association or have Nursing Insurance, will have their deferred payment fully exempted as well.

These procedures must be completed by the end of July, 2016.

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