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No.63 Issuance of Disaster Victimfs Certificates for Residences
Last UpdateF2016/5/30

Kumamoto International Foundation

May 18, 2016 

No.63 (Procedures)  

Issuance of Disaster Victimfs Certificates for Residences


We issue disaster victimfs certificates for people whose residences have been damaged. These certificates are issued by Kumamoto city and verify the alleged damages to residences during the process of inquiry. Disaster victims should file an application for an investigation of damages if their residence has been damaged in a natural disaster.

Here are some of examples of the extent of the damage.

*Completely destroyed

*Wholesale destroyed

*Half destroyed

*Partially destroyed

*Inundation above floor level

*Inundation below floor level

Note: It is possible to be estimated as gnot damagedh in order to have the investigation.

Target: People whose households have been damaged (car port, warehouse, gate and others are not covered.)


Application Window: Welfare divisions in ward offices and branch offices

Service hour: 8:30a.m. - 5:15p.m. on weekdays


Phone numbers of welfare divisions of ward offices

Chuo ward@@@@@@@@@096-328-2311

Higashi ward@@@@@@@@096-367-9127

Nishi ward@@@@@@ @@ 096-329-5403

Minami ward @@@@@@ @096-357-4129

Kita ward@@@@@@@@ @096-272-1118


Phone numbers of the branch offices

Takuma branch office@@@@@096-380-3111

Kawachi branch office @@@@096-276-1111

Hanazono branch office@@@@096-359-1122

Johnan branch office @@@@@0964-28-3111

Akita branch office@@@@@096-227-1111

Tenmei branch office @@@@096-223-1111

Kouda branch office  @@@@096-378-0172

Hokubu branch office @@@@096-245-2111

Shimizu branch office @@@@096-343-9161

How to make an application:

*You need to make a request for investigation.

*The damage investigation will be carried out by the department in charge of each ward office.

*The result of the investigation will be issued at the issuing window when it is ready.

Note: Contact the department in charge of if you cannot visit the issuing window due to having evacuated to a far distance. The application will be accepted without a time limit for the time being.


Delivering method:

We will contact each person in order of application dates when it is ready to issue the document after the investigation. You need to visit an issuing window listed below when you are contacted.

Note: There may be some cases of not being issued on that day depending on the documents you bring and/or the spoken claims.


Service hour: 9a.m.-4p.m. on weekdays


Issuing windows

Chuo ward office, 1F lobby of the city hall(near by the front entrance)

Higashi ward office 1F lobby

Nishi ward office, new building 1F 101 conference room

Minami ward office ASUPARU Tomiai hall

Kita ward office 2F conference room

Takuma branch office 1F lobby@@@@

Johnan branch office 3F main conference room


What you need to bring:

1. A notification of the completion of the investigation and preparation of issuance.

2. A personal ID of the issued person (driverfs license, Sakura card, basic resident register card and others)

Note:  The personal ID of the proxy will also be required if you send a representative instead.

3. In case of you had been living at a different address than the one in the resident record, you also need a document which proves the address where you actually were (such as a receipt of utility expenses or rental contract.)

4. A letter of attorney (you need to prepare this if you are going to send anyone but yourself or a family member who belongs to the same household.)

5. An application form


Note: if the damage is small and you agree to have your residence designated as gpartially destroyedh, you can get issued a disaster victimfs certification on that day by submitting photos showing the damages to the application window.

(What you need to bring)

*name stamp (or seal)

*photos which show the damage (pictures on your digital camera or cell phone) or a price estimate of repairs

*what is required listed between no.2-5 of gwhat you need to bringh



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