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No.23-2 Garbage Collection
Last UpdateF2016/5/1

Kumamoto International Foundation

April 30th, 2016

No. 23 - #2 (Life)


Garbage Collection


@@@@Garbage from the @@@@@@@@



(Not including typical household garbage, but only that which has arisen due to earthquake)




¦1  Please be wary of pedestrians and emergency vehicles when putting out your trash.

¦2 Garbage from the earthquake must be separated into gburnablesh and glandfill garbageh using clear plastic bags. However, household electronics subject to regulation (e.g., air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, laptops) will NOT be collected by the city. Please refer to the gCalendar for Recyclable Garbage Collectionh to dispose of such items on the appointed day.


  ¦3  Burnable garbage that has arisen due to the earthquake can be brought directly to both the

Eastern (Tobu) or Western (Seibu) Environmental Plants. Landfill  

garbage and household wreckage/scrap material that has arisen due to the earthquake can be  

brought directly to the Oogida Environmental Center.

            Garbage will be accepted from Mondays to Saturdays, 8:30am to 4:30pm. However,  May 1st (Sun) and May 8th (Sun) will also be special collection days. The collection is free if you complete the application process.


Eastern Environment Plant (Tobu Kankyou Koujyou)

        TEL: 096-380-8211          Kumamoto-shi Higashi-ku Itoshi-shima 2570

Western Environmental Plant   (Seibu Kankyou Koujyou)

        TEL: 096-329-0900          Kumamoto-shi Nishi-ku Jouzan Yakushi 2 -12 -1

Oogida Environmental Plant  (Oogida Kankyou Senta)    

        TEL: 096-245-2696          Kumamoto-shi Kita-ku  Mitsugu-machi 1567



Collected as usual

Please put out this type of garbage on the appointed day

    Paper materials

Currently NOT being collected

(However, the Ueki District of Kita-ku will be collecting garbage as usual).

    Plastic packaging


          (e.g. glass bottles and metals)

    Plastic bottles

    Specialized waste

    Landfill garbage


¦As the situation changes, further information will be released regarding garbage disposal. Please note that gbulk trashh will be collected as usual. If you would like to use the service, please contact Gomi Zero Call (business) at 096-353-7171.


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