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No6-1@Procedure for Moving into Public Housing (Additional Information)
Last UpdateF2016/4/30

Kumamoto International Foundation

April 28th, 2016

No.001 - ‡A (Update)


Procedure for Moving into Public Housing (Additional Information)


For those whose house was entirely, severely, or partly destroyed (or those whose living situation is in great disrepair) due to the earthquake



1. Application Period and Reception Place

   Period: April 23rd (Sat.) - May 2th (Mon.) from 8:30am - 17:00pm

   Place:  Kumamoto City Hall (floor locations vary by ward: see below)

   Instructions: Receive a numbered ticket from Kumamoto City Hall near the southern side

elevators on the first floor and follow the attached instructions. Tickets can be taken from 8:30am to 5:00pm.


   April 28th (Thur.) to May 1st (Sun.)

            Eastern and Southern Wards (Higashi and Minami Ku) @     9F Meeting Room

         Central, Northern, and Western Ward (Chuo, Kita and Nishi Ku)                                                                                                                   6F Meeting Room

   May 2nd (Mon.)

           Eastern and Southern Wards (Higashi, Minami Ku)          9F   Meeting Room

         Central, Northern, and Western Wards (Chuo, Kita and Nishi Ku)@@                                                                                                            8F Meeting Room



2. Residence Period

   Available for 6 months upon the date of moving in (please note: you may be able to extend your stay for up to one year depending on your circumstances).



3. Rent, Etc.

  (1) Rent, deposit, and parking:                         Free

  (2) Gas, electricity, water,

common service, and membership fee:            Residents will be charged

  (3) Guarantor:                                                          Unnecessary






4.  Required Documents  and Criteria for Applying


EhDisaster Victim Certificateh (can also be submitted the following day).

  ¦Note: You must apply for this certificate at the welfare division of your affiliated ward.

EResident card, or some type of personal identification (e.g., driverfs license or health insurance card)

EOnefs personal seal (only if you cannot be present and must send a representative to apply for you)

¦The application may be downloaded from Kumamoto Cityfs homepage.




5. Selection Process for New Residents

When applying, please choose the ward you most prefer to live in. Once all applications have been accepted, a lottery will determine who receives public housing.

¦You may not apply for any special accommodations.




6. Lottery Results

May 3rd (Tues.) – 5th (Thur.)  ¦The winners will be contacted once the lottery has

come to a close



7. Moving In

You will be able to move in (on your appointed day) starting on May 6th (Fri.).



8. Further Information

For further information about criterion and eligibility to apply, contact the numbers below:
EFor those applying to houses in the Chuo, Kita, and Nishi ward

               Kumamoto City (Chuo, Kita, and Nishi Ward)

Municipal Dwelling Houses Management Center     096-327-5101

EFor those applying to houses in Higashi and Minami ward

Kumamoto City (Higashi and Minami Ward)

Municipal Dwelling Houses Management Center     096-311-7833



‘Procedure for Moving into Public Housing (AdditioniPDFF117KBj@
TEL 096-359-2121
FAX 096-359-5783
Mail pj-info@kumamoto-if.or.jp
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