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No.23 Regarding Garbage Collection after April 22nd (Fri.)
Last Update:2016/4/29

Regarding Garbage Collection after April 22nd (Fri.)


Garbage from the Earthquake


 (Garbage that has arisen due to the earthquake)



1  Please be wary of pedestrians and emergency vehicles when putting out your trash.

2 Garbage from the earthquake should be separated into “burnables” and “landfill garbage” (note: daily household garbage will not be collected, only that resulting from the earthquake) and insert these into transparent trash bags. Note: consumer electronics subject to regulation by law (e.g., air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, laptops, etc.) will NOT be collected by the city. Please refer to the “Calendar for Recyclable Garbage Collection” to dispose of such items on the appointed day.

3 As the city is responsible for collecting (free of charge) all garbage that has arisen due to the earthquake, we ask for your patience and cooperation while this process takes place.



    ()やすごみ  Burnables


Will be collected as usual

Please put out this type of garbage on the appointed day

    (かみ)  Paper materials




Will NOT be collected for the time being


Plastic packaging

    資源物(しげんぶつ) Recyclables (e.g., glass bottles and metals)


Plastic bottles


Hazardous waste


Landfill garbage


As the situation changes, further information will be released regarding garbage disposal. Please note that “large items” will be collected as usual. If you have any questions about such items, or would like to apply for disposal of such items, please contact Gomi Zero Call (business) at 353-7171.



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