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Actions in case of Ballistic Missiles Flying to Japan-(Shisei Dayori, Nov.)
Last Update:2017/11/9

It may take less than ten(10) minutes that ballistic missiles reach Japan after being lauched. If missiles are about to hit Japan possibly, we will provide emergency information through various devices, using nation-wide instantaneous alert system, "J-Alert"

Kumamoto City will provide emergency information through following devices below.

1 Municipal wireless system to prevent disasters

2 Emergency breaking news mail and Disaster information mail

3 Emergency announcement radio

If you receive a message, Stay calm and take action immediately.

If you are outside a building,  ⇒ Go into a nearby building or underground.

If you can't find a building bearby ⇒ Take cover behind anything that might offer protection or Lie flat on the ground and protect your head.

If you are inside a building ⇒ Stay inside well away from  windows or stay in a windowless room.

※When you evacuate, please be sure to have a radio or smart-phone in order to get information. 

※The municipal wireless system and others,  using "J-Alert" ,will be tested around 11 am on November 14. 

For more information, please contact "Civil Protection Portal Site of Cabinet Secretariat. http://www.kokuminhogo.go.jp/mobile/index.html

or contact Kumamoto City Risk Management Disaster Prevention Office. phone 096-328-2490.

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