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Postnatal Home Help Service (Shisei Dayori, Sept., 2017)
Last UpdateF2017/9/2

Household helpers will support those who live in Kumamoto City, have difficulty in doing household chores or child rearing due to postnatal poor health, cannot receive support for household chores or child rearing from people around them or have given multiple birth such as twins or triplets. 


Period of time: Within 6 months after childbirth (within one year in the case of multiple birth)

Length of time: within two hours in each service (you can extend the time for another hour.)

The number of help service available: 20 at most i40 at most in the case of multiple birthj

Charge: \1,200 per each service (additional \600 for another hour extension)

@@@¦ No charge if you are a recipient of welfare benefits

Application: Public Health and Child Welfare Section (Hoken Kodomo-ka) in ward offices

@@@@¦ In order to use the service, pre-registration is necessary. 

For details, please call Public Health and Child Welfare Section or Child Support Section in ward offices. i328-2158j


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