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Let's comply with the autumn national traffic safety campaign traffic rules and practice correct tra
Last UpdateF2017/9/6

@From September 21 to 30, it is the autumn national traffic safety campaign period, and the 30th is a day to aim for no traffic accident death.

£ Prevention of traffic accidents of children and the elderly

@Traffic accidents while the elderly are crossing the road are increasing.When crossing the road, let's cross over where there are traffic lights and crosswalks.

£ During walking at dusk and at night , Preventing traffic accidents while riding a bicycle

@When going out at night, wear bright clothing and reflective materials and let's make it stand out.

£ Ensuring correct wearing of seat belts at all seats

@The seatbelt is a lifeline. There is a life that can be protected by wearing it. Let's wear it not only in the driver's seat and passenger's seat but also when sitting in the back seat.

£ Ensuring use of child seat

@Let's use a child seat for children under 6 years old.

£ Eradication of drunk driving

@Drunk driving can cause serious accidents. Let's promote thoroughly "Do not drink if you drink, do not drink if you get on" in the community, family and workplace.

‘ From 1st October, the name of Kumamoto North Police Station changes to Kumamoto Central Police Station

For details, please go to Kumamoto North Police Department General Affairs Division (‡„ 323 - 0110).

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