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Acquisition of various certificates temporarily paused(shisei Dayori,July,2017)
Last UpdateF2017/7/6

For system replacement work, we will pause the issuance of various certificates as follows.We appreciate your inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

‘ Certificate of various kinds

Copy of resident card, income certificate, seal registration certificate, transcript and extract of family register

‘ Out-of-hours information counter Certificate issuance pause.

› Date:

 July 15th(Sat),  16th(Sun),  17th(Mon), August 11th(Mon),  12th(Sat),  13th(Sun)

Please come to the information counter.

› Pause counter:

· Certificate counter  outside hours (Center  Ward Office 1st floor)

· Citizen Service Corner (Kumamoto Forest City Center Plaza Building 2F)

‘ Pause of convenience certificate issuance

› Dates: July 16 (Sunday), August 12 (Saturday)

› Dormant work: Certificate issuance service of convenience store using my number card

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