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Donft feed honey to your baby less than one year old (Shisei Dayori, June, 2017)
Last UpdateF2017/6/3

In March this year, a 6-month-old baby died in Tokyo of infant botulism, which was probably caused by the intake of honey.  Bacillus botulinus is universally present in the soil and small amounts can be found in honey.  In the case of infants less than one year old, whose intestinal environment is still developing, bacillus botulinus increases within the intestine and can develop infant botulism.  When the infant is more than one year old, a small amount of bacillus botulinus taken in from the mouth falls behind in a competitive environment with other intestinal bacteria, so honey does not cause botulism in infants more than one year old. 


Symptoms: persistent constipation, loss of muscle strength of the whole body (power to swallow becoming weaker)

In serious cases, breathing difficulty or arrest of breathing can happen.


To those who take care of babies:

Do not give honey, honey-containing food, drink and cake to babies less than one year old.


To food business operators:

Please show the information that saysgDonft give honey or honey-containing food to the infants less than one year oldh in an easily understood format for consumers. 


Food Safety and Hygiene Section (Shokuhin Hoken-ka) @096-364-3188

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