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Why do not you register for Kumamoto City Disaster Information Mail?(Shisei-dayori.May.2017)
Last Update:2017/5/5

Kumamoto Municipal Disaster Information Mail is a service to notify us of information useful for disaster prevention by e-mail.

· Fire information- Fire information and attendance information (excluding emergency dispatch)

·Emergency disaster prevention information -Information such as evacuation instructions and recommendations.

·Disaster prevention information - Information such as heavy rain  and evacuation center opening , photochemical smog, air pollution (PM 2.5)

· Weather information- Earthquake, tsunami, volcano, typhoon, tornado, warning information · alarm information

·  Information -Disaster Prevention · Firefighting Information You can select necessary information for yourself. Why do not you register?

How to register

@ [Temporary registration] Please send empty mail from mobile phone etc to the following address.


A The e-mail "Kumamoto City Disaster Information E-mail Registration Request" will be delivered.

※ If you do not reply here, please check "E-mail address is wrong", "Rejecting mail from PC" etc. are considered.

B [Registration] Please click "Registration URL". Select the information you wish to choose (more than one), press the confirmation button, and press the confirmation button if there is no problem.

C The e-mail of [Registration completed] will be delivered. * It is also possible to change the contents after registration. Please send the following blank e-mail.


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