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Are you abiding by the rules for bicyclists? (Shisei Dayori, May, 2017)
Last UpdateF2017/5/11

Observe five safety principles for bicycle users! 

1. You must ride a bicycle on the roadway in principle.  You must not ride on sidewalks unless otherwise stipulated.  Those who are less than 13 years old or 70 years old or over are allowed to ride on sidewalks. 

2. You must ride a bicycle on the left of the roadway. 

3. You must give priority to pedestrians on the sidewalk and you must go slowly on the roadway side of the sidewalk. 

4. You must observe the safety rules. 

5. Children must wear a helmet. 



The following behaviors are very dangerous.  They are violations of the Road Traffic Law. @In parentheses are penalties. 

ERiding a bicycle on the right side of the road iimprisonment of up to three months or a maximum fine of \50,000j 

ERiding a bicycle while talking on the cell-phone or smartphone, riding it having earphones on, riding it with an open umbrella, etc. (a maximum fine of \50,000) 

ERiding without lights at night ia maximum fine of \50,000j 

ERiding in tandem ia maximum fine of \50,000  There may be a maximum fine of \20,000 or lighter fine.j

ERiding side by side (a maximum fine of \20,000j

ERiding under the influence of alcohol (imprisonment of up to five years or a maximum fine of \1,000,000j



Riding a bicycle in downtown arcade areas is prohibited.   

Kamitori, Shimotori and Shinshigai Arcade are pedestrian-only streets.  Riding and walking on a bicycle there is prohibited by the Road Traffic Law.  Dangerous cases, such as collision with pedestrians, etc. might occur, so donft ride a bicycle in arcade areas.  



Purchase cycle-insurance. 

@Accidents involving bicycles have been frequently occurring.  In Kumamoto Prefecture, too, there are cases in which a large amount of damage compensation has been claimed against damage caused by riding a bicycle.  Nobody knows when you will be a victimizer or a victim.  Please take out a cycle-insurance in case of bike accidents.  For details, please inquire at a casualty insurance company or a bicycle shop.        


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