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Receive Cancer Examinatrion-2017(Shisei Dayori, Apr.)
Last UpdateF2017/4/5

If cancers can be detected and treated at an early stage, the possibility of complete recovery will get higher. Let's receive a cancer exmination regularily for yourself and those you love.


Examination Contents Target People Examination Fee(copayment)   Examination Place
lung cancer,
breast X-ray examination,
sputum cytology
¦those diagnosed as necessary by doctor's interview
both men and women aged 40 years or older those aged g40-64 yearsh: 300 Yen
those aged 65 years or older : 200 Yen
sputum cytology : 500 Yen
place for group examination(mobile inspection vehicles visits areas)

¦The schedule will be informed in gShisei Dayorih every month.
stomach cancer,
stomach X-ray examination
ibarium inspection)
both men and women aged 40 years or older 1,000 Yen place for group examination(mobile examination vehicles visits areas)
¦The schedule will be informed in gShisei Dayorih every month.
colorectal cancer( stool occult blood test) both men and women aged 40 years or older designated medical institutions: 500 Yen
place for group exmination: 300 Yen
designated medical institutions.
place for group examination

breast cance-visual inspection and palpation by doctor, breast X-ray examination(mammography)

women of even-numbered age of 40  or older 

those in their forties:1,500 Yen
those in their fifties: 1,100 Yen

designated medical institutions.
place for group examination

cervical cancer-examination by doctor(internal inspection), cell inspection

¦The cell is taken by lightly rubbing the entrance of uretus and is examined if it has no abnormality.
women of even-numbered age of 20 or older designated medical institutions: 1,200 Yen

place for group examination: 1,000 Yen
designated medical institutions;
place for group examination

Kumamoto municipal cancer examination is intended for the people who have the residential address in the city and have no opportunity to receive similar examinations at their workplace.
‡@The group examination of colorectal cancer can be applied at the place of group examination for lung cancer.
‡AThe group examination of breast and cervical cancer will be implemented in some areas.

šYou can receive both examination of lung cancer, stomach cancer and/or colorectal cancer and Specific Health checkup of National Heallth Insurance or other similar health checkup in sets at the same time (based on reservation).

Kind Implementing Medical Insitution Address Phone Number
stomach cancer¥lung cancer¥colorectal cancer¥specific health checkup Healthcare Center of Kumamoto City Medical Association 15-12 Honjou 5-chome, Central Ward 366-2711
stomach cancer¥colorectal cancer Especific health checkup Kumamoto Health Control Center of Red Cross 1-1 Nagamineminami  2-chome, East Ward 387-6710

šThose who correspond to the following categories are exempted from the burden of expenses.

those exempted from copayment necessary documents
those on welfare support welfare support certificate(the one issued for the year of 1916)
household exempted from municipal resident tax Municipal and Prefectural Resident Tax Certificate ‡@(including both income and taxation)ithe one for the newest fiscal yearj
¦The issuance fee of certificate is charged.
Some form of document certifying the tax exemption for all the members of the same household is required.
¦The issuance of the certificate for the new fiscal year will start in June.
¦For those who have moved to Kumamoto City from other areas on or after Jan. 1, 2015, contact Health Promoting Section on how to handle the certificate
those who have been hit by the Great East Japan  Earthquake and evacuated to Kumamoto City special permit for having cancer examination
¦For the permit-issuance, contact Health Promoting Section.

™Those who correspond to the following categories will be mailed a free coupon to have a breast cancer or cervical cancer examination. 

Kind Target Age (at the time of April 1, 2016)
breast cancer inspection(for women) those aged 40 (who were born from April 2, 1976 through April 1, 1977) 
cervical cancer inspection(for women) those aged 20 (who were born from April 2, 1996 through April 1, 1997)


For the list of medical institutions implementing breast cancer and cervical cancer examination, check page-15 of gShisei Dayorih. For more information, visit City homepage or contact gHigomaru-Callh(phone:334-1500).

Health Promoting Section(phone:361-2145)

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