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Vehicle taxes on small-size vehicles and bikes (Shisei Diary, January)
Last UpdateF2006/1/20

If you own a bike, K-car or specialized compact car, you are required to pay a vehicle tax by April 1st of each year..

In the event that the following apply to you, please follow the procedures described below at the specific locations mentioned:
 * You no longer reside in Kumamoto City
 * Your vehicle has been stolen
 * You gave your vehicle away
 * You no longer use the vehicle

Failure to report that one of the above-mentioned points applies to you will result in you being taxed.

Type of Vehicle

Inquire at:

Bikes (under 125cc), specialized compact car Tax Section (328-2173), General Bureau, Citizen Center
Light motorcycle (between 125cc- 250cc), light four-wheeled vehicle Kumamoto Prefectural Small Vehicle Association (369-6829)
Automatic motorcycle (over 250cc) Kumamoto Carrier Bureau Registration Section (369-3189)

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