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Being Environmentally Friendly in Winter (Shisei Diary,January)
Last UpdateF2006/1/19

Energy saving measures for winter

  -  Being environmentally friendly  -

Prevention of global warming is made possible through smart consumption choices.  Approximately one-fourth of annual energy consumption in homes is used for heating.  Below is a list of feasible ways to conserve energy during the winter months, when heating measures are used most. 

* Set the standard room temperature at approximately 20 degrees Celsius

* Set electric carpets at a mild temperature

* Turn off heaters when not in use

* Use the same hot bath water

* Do not keep the water running for the whole duration of shower

* Put the lid on heated toilet seats after use

* Adjustment the refrigerator temperature to a moderate degree

The above-mentioned measures will also reduce household expenses, so try to follow as many as possible.

Use "WARM BIZ" tactics as well to help save energy.  Layer clothing or use scarves, etc. to save energy and stay warm. 

(Environmental Planning Section: Tel 328-2427)

TEL 328-2427
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